Okay, I only have one book out at this point, but there are others in the works and hope you'll follow along as I build out my list. I'm getting a late start in this publishing business, but I think I have some interesting things to say born of raw, real-world experience. We could use more of that in the books we read, don't you think? 

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The Long Walk Home

A month before his fifty-sixth birthday, the author received a call that no one, especially at that age, wants to get. He was being let go of his job as head of communications at the multi-billion-dollar technology company where he’d worked for nearly twenty-eight years.

Reeling from the news that he would soon be jobless with a mortgage and three kids in college, he began walking the more than twenty-mile route home. What is normally a fifty-minute commute turns into a seven-hour odyssey into the self as the author reflects on why stayed so long working for a struggling corporate leviathan when he really wanted to be an author. His “great letting go” becomes a springboard to simplify his life and reclaim his authentic self from a world intent on bringing us to common sameness.

Written in lyrical prose, The Long Walk Home reminds us that the only true journey is the journey within. It will inspire anyone going through adversity or job loss, or just feels alienated by the artificiality and inhuman pace of modern life.