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In the tradition of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance comes this moving tale of one man’s long day’s walk through the uncertainty of job loss to a place of firm resolve in the face of adversity.

The Long Walk Home is sure to inspire and make you think about what it means to be authentically human in an increasingly media-saturated, artificial world.

The Long Walk Home

A month before his fifty-sixth birthday, the author received a call that no one wants to get. He was being let go as head of communications at the multi-billion-dollar tech firm where he’d worked for twenty-eight years.

Reeling from the news, he decides to take a walk – a long walk. Leaving his car behind at the office, he begins walking the more than twenty-mile route home. A fifty-minute commute turns into a seven-hour odyssey into the self as the author reflects on why he has stayed so long in an environment where he never really felt at home. His “great letting go” becomes a springboard to simplify his life and reclaim his authentic self from a world intent on bringing us all to a place of sameness.

Written in lyrical prose, The Long Walk Home reminds us that the only true journey is the journey within. It will inspire anyone going through job loss or who feels alienated by the artificiality of corporate life.

“Pick up this book and join the author on a 20-mile journey through depression, faith, corporate downsizing, resilience, Montgomery Mall, cancer, Spatola’s Pizza, divorce and gratitude. And somewhere along the way, amid prose that often verges on poetry, perhaps you’ll find the inspiration to shrug off your shackles and strive for that which matters most to you.”–Jonathan Clements, editor of HumbleDollar and former personal-finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal

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